New Detroit Schools Superintendent will be the first speaker at this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference. We Look Forward to Hearing His Vision for Detroit Kids.

It is powerful and telling that the DPSCD’s new superintendent Nikolai Vitti will be among the first speakers at this year’s Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference. As a former lobbyist and legislative aide, I have attended this event for many years. From my experience. I can tell you this. The event themes may change from year to year, but the objective of everyone in attendance will be the same. In a setting that will host over 1500 of the state’s power brokers, there will be a lot of jockeying by everyone to show their cause or community is important and needs more support. There will be competition between lobbyist, organizations, communities and school districts to prove their case that they should receive funding or resources from state government and support from around the state.

Which is why it is great that Detroit’s new superintendent will get first crack at making his pitch at the state’s powers that be to say, “Education in Detroit is coming back!” He will have an opportunity to share his plan and vision for DPSCD and to say the kids of Detroit need you to partner with us. Reverend Wendell Anthony of the Detroit NAACP started a saying several years ago, “All roads lead to Detroit.” As K-12 education (traditional public & charter schools) improves in Detroit, it should improve across the state as a whole. As a state, our graduation and education improvement rates would rise. Which would be great! Because compared to other states, Michigan doesn’t measure up well.

I wish Superintendent Vitti luck. Because if he succeeds, our kids succeed.

Please read the following Crain’s article by Chad Livengood and Lindsay Vanhulle to get a rundown on this year’s conference lineup of speakers and event. #skillmanfound #CrainsDetroit #DetroitChamber #Detroitk12


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