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Libraries, Laundry and Lots of Fun

All evening long a little boy with the cutest curly afro ran up and down the aisle of the laundromat. His energy level was one not for the faint of heart. Ms. Q, as families call her, entered the laundromat greeted by him enjoying the view from the floor. Libraries Without Borders, Laundry Cares and Brilliant Detroit have given families access to…

Class Is In But Where’s The Teachers?

Michigan has one of the largest absentee rates  in the country for both Public and Charter School Teachers. ■In Michigan, 24.7 percent of traditional public school teachers are chronically absent, compared to 12.4 percent of charter school teachers. Eleven other states have similar discrepancies. “In their introduction to the report, Fordham’s Michael Petrilli and Amber Northern ask: “Why would we…

Never Underestimate the Power of a Parent’s Voice

Never underestimate the power of a parent’s voice who fights for education. I believe that when we speak it first comes from a place of personal necessity, one that says my child is hurting, has been mistreated, or does not have what he or she needs. Once you know this, you can address the situation with the right people and…

Detroit’s State Of The Schools: The Community Responds

We Asked And They Responded. What Did You Here And How Did It Impact You?

CoHosts Responded 

Community Leaders Responded

Advocates Responded

School Leaders Responded

Youth Leaders Responded

Researchers Responded


The Detroit State Of The Schools Address Can Be Viewed In Full at Chalkbeat Detroit

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