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The 2018 State of Michigan Education Report

By Amber Arellano, Executive Director Edtrust Midwest Like many of you, I’m a native Michigander. I’ve always been proud of what I think are many of our shared Michigan values: a hard work ethic, a passion for the Great Lakes and a shared industrial heritage, and a commitment to taking care of our shared institutions. Our public education system is…

Guess Which School District is Ranked Dead Last on Test Scores. Again!

It is not surprising that Detroit Public School students scored last nationwide on the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test. Until recently, the district has not had consistent or strong leadership. There was not a consistent superintendent or an empowered school to lead the struggling schools. These are the same schools that don’t have enough teachers, but have too…

Leveraging the Power of Data for Strategic Learning and Improvement

By Mary Grech A recently released report by The Education Trust-Midwest leveraged the power of comparative state assessment data to provide fresh insight on Michigan’s early literacy performance. The results were troubling and become more so, as we further explore the data.   The new report found that Michigan third-graders are the lowest performing students in the U.S. among states in…

Single Parent Households Are The Reason Schools Are Failing

Once again the blame is placed on those who suffer from systemic racism. “That is because, Kirsanow argues, the biggest challenge facing many students is not the funding of their schools but what he calls “the deleterious consequences of single parent families.” We have such a long way to go to get equality for all schools.

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