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Detroit’s State Of The Schools: The Community Responds

We Asked And They Responded. What Did You Here And How Did It Impact You?

CoHosts Responded 

Community Leaders Responded

Advocates Responded

School Leaders Responded

Youth Leaders Responded

Researchers Responded


The Detroit State Of The Schools Address Can Be Viewed In Full at Chalkbeat Detroit

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This Dad Took A Trip To Lansing On A School Bus, Here’s Why

On Tuesday, October 17 2017, I had the opportunity to join members of 482Foward on a bus trip to Lansing to lobby for our educational system. Along with other parents, teachers, and former principals I had the chance to express concerns directly to certain representatives about the personal impact of school closures. I’m thankful to have found such an organized and…

Detroit’s State of the Schools

Detroit School Talk was present at Detroit’s very first parent driven State of the Schools  sponsored by 482Forward. We asked parents, community leaders, teachers and students “What are your thoughts about tonight’s  event?” The responses were mixed, some felt an open and honest conversation was refreshing. Others hoped for more and thought it mimicked the same old battle of Charter Vs. Traditional…

Communication About Race Is Important in Business. Just Like in Education.

When you speak to some of the nation’s top CEOs of color, they will tell you some interesting stories. It doesn’t matter if it is in the business, education, military or the political world. People who are different from each other tend not to know how to talk to each other. People have a bad habit of talking at each…

A Year Later, I’m Still Writing About Race and Education

Last year, some of my first blogs on Detroit School Talk discussed race and education during the presidential election. Now that we are ten months into a new presidential term, things have not improved. It is getting worst. Racism and fear seems to run rampant. In this climate, how can our children grow and learn? How do they receive a…

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