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How Can Grosse Pointe School Board Member Talk About “Charter School Segregation.”

It is interesting (and surprising!) that Grosse Pointe School Board member Christopher Profeta tweeted, “US charter schools put growing numbers in racial isolation.” Which means charter schools are the cause for segregation in urban America. That is a lot coming from a school district that is predominantly white and does not allow Detroiters to attend his school district. The Grosse…

A Partnership Between Faithbased Leaders And Schools Is Valuable

Do you remember when the leaders of the church you attended as a child knew everything going on at the schools? How about when your local principal sat a few rows away from your family at church? This was our village: we shopped together, worshiped together, and were educated together. When you combine community and education, you have a plan…

What’s the Vision? Kids and Quality. What Do You Think?

By Dan Quisenberry President, MI Association of Public School Academies If you care about education, you may be like most Americans – concerned by the lack of results and frustrated by the constant arguing by adults about possible solutions. Parents want to be involved.  Taxpayers want to pay for what works.  When do we begin seeing the remarkable outcomes our children…

Never Underestimate the Power of a Parent’s Voice

Never underestimate the power of a parent’s voice who fights for education. I believe that when we speak it first comes from a place of personal necessity, one that says my child is hurting, has been mistreated, or does not have what he or she needs. Once you know this, you can address the situation with the right people and…

Detroit’s State Of The Schools: The Community Responds

We Asked And They Responded. What Did You Here And How Did It Impact You?

CoHosts Responded 

Community Leaders Responded

Advocates Responded

School Leaders Responded

Youth Leaders Responded

Researchers Responded


The Detroit State Of The Schools Address Can Be Viewed In Full at Chalkbeat Detroit

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