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Detroit’s State Of The Schools: The Community Responds

We Asked And They Responded. What Did You Here And How Did It Impact You?

CoHosts Responded 

Community Leaders Responded

Advocates Responded

School Leaders Responded

Youth Leaders Responded

Researchers Responded


The Detroit State Of The Schools Address Can Be Viewed In Full at Chalkbeat Detroit

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This Dad Took A Trip To Lansing On A School Bus, Here’s Why

On Tuesday, October 17 2017, I had the opportunity to join members of 482Foward on a bus trip to Lansing to lobby for our educational system. Along with other parents, teachers, and former principals I had the chance to express concerns directly to certain representatives about the personal impact of school closures. I’m thankful to have found such an organized and…

Burning Education at Cooley High School: Accident or Not?

Was the burning of Detroit’s Legendary Cooley High School criminal arson or was it an accident? Abandoned school buildings are everywhere in our city, making it easy for thieves to create more blight in our communities. Offers were made to turn the building into a much-needed community center but the proposal was denied. The decision to close Cooley High School…

Education sucks on both sides of the fence here.

Mark Binelli’s article last Sunday in the New York TImes Magazine has me heated. We are tired of being everyone’s poster child without facts. People come and pick out pieces of our story and tell them to push their personal agendas. The fact is that we are flawed, we have messed up, and I can’t think of a person would…

Mark Binelli, Your Picture Of Michigan Schools Lacks Color

The New York Times Magazine will focus on education this Sunday. While this edition is sure to offer an opportunity for families to know what is going on in education across the country, it will paint a picture of Michigan as the poster child for failing for-profit charter schools. In some cases this is accurate. But the article does not use…

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