Detroit public schools can’t pay their teachers after June 30th

It’s a sad day when a city cannot pay it’s teachers. That’s exactly what faces the Detroit Public Schools after June 30th, a problem that strikes another blow to kids (especially those needing summer school).

Reuters is reporting the desperate situation, and once again people nationally are reading another story about Detroit’s problems:

The cash-strapped Detroit Public Schools will run out of money to pay employees after the fiscal year wraps up on June 30, the schools’ emergency manager said on Saturday.

Steven Rhodes, a former federal bankruptcy judge, said that $48.7 million in supplemental funding approved by the Michigan legislature last month would allow paychecks for all employees only through the end of June.

He urged state lawmakers to approve a $715 million rescue plan that would create a new Detroit Education Commission, with broad authority to control new school openings for the next five years.

Without passage of the reform package, “there will be no funds available to pay any of our employees — those teachers on a 26-pay cycle included,” Rhodes, who began running the district in March, said in an emailed statement.

“There also will be no funds available for the District to conduct Summer School or provide the year-round special education services that a number of our students rely on.”

Read the whole story here.


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