Parent Who Empowers Parents in Detroit

I have the privilege of knowing a parent who spends all of her time empowering other parents in Detroit. Her name is Bernita Bradley. She is an organizer and parent advocate for Excellent Schools Detroit. She is leading thier effort to enroll more kids in Detroit schools. 

Bernita has been helping parents since she became a parent herself. I met her at Detroit Parent Network when she was a parent organizaer. She started as a parent volunteer in her community and has made it her career. 

When I talk to politicians and parents from other communities outside of Detroit someone usually mentions, “Detroiters don’t care about their kids.” Bernita proves how false that statement is. 

Her job is not easy to navigate the complex traditional public and charter schools in the Motor City. Parents are left to figure it out on their own with little resources. Bernita has taken it upon herself to help parents become more resourceful and informed. By doing this for parents, you provide a better home and surroundings for their children. 

Please read Beth Hawkins’ article on Bernita Bradley. It shows that there is good work being done in Detroit to improve our children’s lives.

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