NAACP has resolution to stop more charter schools…What do you think?

There were some fireworks to come out of this summer’s NAACP national convention. A resolution was created that advocates for a moratorium on new charter schools. First, I’m a community organizer who has great friends and mentors at the NAACP. They have been my community’s advocate for change for people of color, since before I was born. Like one of my NAACP mentors, I keep a picket sign in the trunk of my car. 

But to be honest, I had to sit back and think on this one. Unlike a lot of states, Michigan has an over abundance of charter schools, particularly in Detroit. If you stack up traditional public and charter schools against each other in Detroit, you will find neither entity is outperforming the other. To be fair, recent surveys show Detroit charter schools perform only a “little” better than DPS and EAA schools. I’m being generous with the word “little”. 

Another charter school complaint that was brought up at the convention is that charters have alot of fraud and embezzlement issues. That is interesting. Because both school entities have that same issue. In Detroit, we are locking up several people in DPS and other schools for fraud. So if you are going to clamp down on one type of school, you have to clamp down on the other. 

So this is my take on it. I think the resolution is too short sighted. We have brown and black kids across the entire nation who are stuck in low performing schools in charters and traditional public schools. It is unacceptable. I don’t care what entity you support. It should be about demanding that all of our schools are able and willing to teach our kids. To prepare them for a complicated world that doesn’t care where are community’s kids are educated, because they already assume these kids will fail. But school districts want the money that comes with them. 

This is not the fight! Let’s fight for all of our kids and all of our schools! Please check out the link to Jason Russell’s Washington Examiner article on this issue at

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