Educating Adults and Kids….An Opportunity for DPS

Everyone agrees that K-12 education is lacking for children in Detroit. It doesn’t matter if your child attends a traditional or public charter school. Both entities are struggling to educate their students. Detroit parents also lack in education and high school diplomas.  

In Detroit, nearly 25 percent of the adults (25 and older) do not have a high school diploma. Many of the people in this age group are parents. It is extremely difficult to help your child get a good education if the parent doesn’t know what it is like to have one. I’m sure the numbers increase when you add the 18 to 25 age group to the mix. 

This means you have a large number of adults who are either working one or multiple low paying jobs that they know won’t lead to a sustainable future for their family. Or young people running around committing crimes to sustain themselves. These crimes range from as low as petty theft to felonies such as murder. This sets up a cycle of struggling people preying upon other struggling people in the city. 

Any survey you look at shows that the more education or trade skills you acquire, the more opportunities are open to you. Also, the more education a parent has means they are better prepared to help their child get a good education. 

This is an opportunity for Detroit Public Schools to improve education for our children. And increase their student rolls. By investing more in educating parents who don’t have a high school diploma and their families, this will create more enrollment and goodwill for DPS. 

Please read the following Detroit News article by Ron Stefanski. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know what you think.


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