Michigan Schools, including some in Detroit, Face Closure Despite Promises to the Contrary

Erin Einhorn has a piece at Chalkbeat Detroit detailing the recent unveiling of some shocking news out of the state’s School Reform Office: despite prior promises made by the Michigan Department of Education, more than 100 under-performing schools could be closed this coming June. 

This will come as an unwelcome surprise to the schools likely to be tagged for closure, especially since they were told the scores on last year’s tests would not be held against them.

“I’ll be very blunt here,” LaDue said. “Most of these schools that we’re looking at have been identified for improvement not just … two or three times but 8, 9, 10, 15 times.”

The state could give these schools more time to try to improve, LaDue said. “But how many more kids are going to be allowed to go through that school and graduate and that diploma really doesn’t mean anything?”

Click here to read the full story at Chalkbeat Detroit. 


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