Me Time……..

For most parents, the first day of school brings a sigh of relief. We are happy that our children are in school and in a safe place for the day. We will have food left in the fridge. And we won’t have to entertain as much, which means we will be spending less money.

What I would like to point out while we are so elated that school doors are opening is that the soccer mom and the football dad syndrome begins once again.

Our schedules become a different kind of busy. For those who have children of multiple ages, I commend you. As parents we are busier during the school year than any other time during the year. I won’t mention the after school activities that take over our adult schedules. 

So I am making a promise to myself right now! I will take time for myself this school year. I mean really take time. I will schedule it daily when the children are home and away. I pledge to enjoy something other than sleep. And I am remembering I promised myself a daily walk. To go to a movie a few times a month. To not tell my children I have an off day. To go to a quaint little cafe and let the children do their homework, while I enjoy some almond tea and read a book with headphones blasting jazz in my ears. 

Wonder woman–I mean my mother–used to run bath water with Epsom salt, rubbing alcohol and lavender and light a candle to relax after a long day of saving the world. She would put us to bed and close the doors and just lay there in the tub. I would wonder what was wrong. Now I understand this was her time to relax. The next day she was so calm and would sing through the house. 

I need this type of time for myself. As happy as we parents are to get the children off to school, it comes with a lot of responsibility. 

Pledge to take some YOU time–or US time if you are a couple. 

Here are a few ideas if you live in the D,

Whatever you decide, please find time to dedicate to yourself. As a parent, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will take care of the kids?


Bernita B.

 (Doing the work)


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