Before You Send a Student Home

I can honestly say that in my lifetime I have been sent to the principal’s office for misbehaving at least once when I was a kid. 

I hated discipline in school, but I feared my mother more. However, I remember several times when I got in trouble and had to go to the blackboard and the teacher had me write, “I will not……. do what ever it was I had done” 100 times for homework and my hands would hurt like crazy for days.  

So tell me something. When did suspending students for everything under the sun become the norm?

When does allowing them to miss instructional time that can put them behind academically become the answer? For every hour of instruction a student loses it sets that child back so far. Students come back to class needing to catch up and if they don’t have the focus to do that it can result in a negative domino affect. 

They miss their lessons and homework for each day they are out of school. This will show on the student’s test scores and citizenship ratings. No one has shown me that this system works. It has not improved academics nor has it shown improvement in school citizenship levels. 

I know of a principal who suspended a student for cursing when students would not be quiet in the class. This same principal deemed it fit to curse at the same classroom of students because they were being too loud. So did the principal get suspended?! I don’t think so. 

Bet she didn’t walk herself to the office and send herself home for a day or two and make her paycheck lower for the week.  By this point of the story, you may have figured out it was my child.

As a parent, it’s even more frustrating when students are sent home for anything other than being a danger to other students. My daughter was already struggling with her grades and it has been hard for her to keep up with her studies. And believe me, no one is more frustrated than me. 

So, to the educators who feel it is necessary to suspend our children for any minor reason – let me tell you a little secret.  All students don’t want to be sent home to just do nothing. Most of them want to learn. Most of them want to be in a classroom or school that wants them to be there. As adults, we have to lead them to an education. Not run them away from it. 

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