The Hope

The Atlantic newspaper published a great article this week on Detroit Public Schools. What is so great about it you ask? It does not ignore the fact that DPS had a lot of struggles last year and that it has a long way to go this year. 

But, the article speaks to the “hope” of improvement. The “hope” that a new administration will finally correct the mistakes of previous administrations. And the “hope” that children who attend DPS schools are able to grow and learn in an environment that will create our future leaders. 

I root for this for selfish reasons…….I’m getting old. And our young people can’t grow, thrive and learn how to take care of us old folks. If they don’t see the “hope” of the future. Education is a great tool to show our children that “hope”.

Although, I see alot of news stories about police brutality, black on black crime, corruption and legislative disrespect for our community. I look for those stories of people who help strangers in danger. Police officers who help the least of thee. And politicians who refuse to give up on Detroit and sacrifice themselves everyday to make our community a better place to live in. 

Anyone who reads this blog, please take a moment and think about how you can be one of those positive stories we rarely hear about. Consider how you can contribute to the “hope” our children need during these trying times as we deal with crime, potential school closures and a nation that is abandoning the education of our kids. Please help me keep, “HOPE!”

Check out the Atlantic’s article, “Reinvesting in Detroit’s Public Schools.   #Voices4Ed #ChoiseIsOurs #Allkidsmatter

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