Alexandria Neason’s ‘An Unexpectedly Beautiful Story About Detroit Public Schools’

By Brian Love

For those of you who have been following our blog. You can imagine that it has been hard to write about good things happening in Detroit. But I digress. And would like to take this opportunity to thank some Chicago Bears for reminding me this fact, “the grass is always greener across the street.”

Anybody who knows me (Brian L. Love), knows I love my Detroit. So while at a Bears game at Soldier Field in Chicago this season, one fan said to me, “I need an AR-15 assault rifle to go to Detroit.” I will give you the PC version of my response. I said that is interesting, because your city’s crime stats are much higher than Detroit’s. But it is an old issue with my city. It has always been portrayed as a place that sucks. But, Detroit is a great city with great people. Ofcourse, we have problems. But who doesn’t! It is all in the perception of who is telling the story…….

Which is why it was so refreshing to read, “An Unexpectedly Beautiful Story About Detroit Public Schools” by Alexandria Neason (pictured above). Her approach to learn about DPS’s current problems was to go back and learn about its illustrious past and hang out with the real power brokers in our community, the parents and educators who fight to educate our children everyday. 

Please read this positive article about DPS and share your thoughts on today’s DPS and what the district was like when you were a DPS student at @DSchoolsRock or you can tweet directly to me Brian L. Love at @brian_love2. #Voices4Ed #ChoiceIsOurs

What have to start somewhere to tell great stories about people doin great work. Click this link:






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