By Bernita Bradley

When you think about the comments made by political figures lately, it cant help but spark concern. As far as we have come in life, being a woman is still hard. I am reminded of a friend’s daughter years ago who, after having a rough day in school and getting her hair done and just existing, told her mother, “Mom, it’s hard being a girl.”

She was right! Who else can do what we do? Who else thinks the way that we do? We are awesome beings! So here it is, my poem of Women. Hope you like it. #Voices4Ed #DSchoolsRock @brian_love2

I am cut from the finest of cloth

My thread count supersedes that of any other in existence

I hold in warmth during the coldest storms

Coolness in temperatures of 125 and above

Rain rolls off my outer as water to a ducks back

Build a tent of me and I will withstand the strongest winds

Immersed  in an array of colors, for I wear well. 

I am a Kings choice garb to adorn his arm as he sits before his peers. 

My remnants are sought after to assure that none goes to waste. 

But They become the finest linen at the most exquisite gala or 

tied around collar with matching pocket decor of tailor  made suits. 

I am critiqued for flaws that only make me more unique. 

My original pattern can never be mimicked

 and my creator dare not compare me to others

For He knows my worth 

Which is why he sets me on the highest shelf in await the appropriate buyer. 

I am women

I am queen

Virtue in me

Fleet of foot, I surpass the best

In my sleep I do what others only dare to dream

I am choice

Primal yet never extinct. 

Fragrant of success

Admired by many 

I am women. 


Bernita B.


 (Doing the work)

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