Erin Einhorn’s Sifting the Ballot

By Brian L. Love

Erin gives a staight to the point vibe of how Detroit voters feel about the upcoming November 8th Detroit Public School Board election.  There are alot of candidates and alot is unknown of most of them. Read the following Chalkbeat Detroit story to get guidance…..

With 18 days until polls open in Detroit, local schools advocates are starting to turn their attention to who will serve on the board of the new Detroit Public Schools Community District. This will be the city’s first school board with any real power (though not complete power) following years of state-appointed emergency managers. But with more than 60 candidates on the ballot, voters might have trouble figuring out whom to support.

Am I supposed to know these people? Nothing came in the mail about these people here.


— Maulana Horton, Detroit voter

Read on for some guidance, plus the rest of the week’s headlines. Thanks for reading!

— Erin Einhorn, Chalkbeat Detroit Editor

Sifting the ballot

In the race to select the first seven-member Detroit school board, endorsements have started rolling in from the Detroit News, the Michigan Chronicle, and the state teachers union.

Candidate forums are being held around town including one last night that drew more than 100 Detroiters. And news organizations plan to publish reports soon to help voters sift through their options.  

Not all of the candidates are doing their part, however. Only 25 of the 63 candidates filled out the candidate questionnaire on the district’s website. When a pair of TV reporters selected 20 candidates to investigate, they found that only seven had campaign websites (one of which didn’t work).

The Free Press hasn’t endorsed in the school board race yet, but the paper is urging voters to support a tax hike that will steer an additional $385 per student to schools in Detroit and other Wayne County districts. Only district schools will benefit, however, which has charter school advocates grumbling.

The Wayne County proposal is identical to one that voters rejected in 2014 andcould be a tough sell. For more information on how the Wayne measure will affect Detroit schools, the district posted answers to several questions.  

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