Is School Choice The Black Choice? A News One Now Special

There is alot of conversation around school choice and charter schools these days. But are they the right conversations? The NAACP wants a moratorium on new charter schools. Does that mean we stop creating school entities that are successful at educating children? Does it mean that traditional or charter public schools that are failing kids should continue to operate? 

TV One’s Roland Martin has consistently continued to have this conversation among the African-American community to share how this issue affects “our” children in “our” community. I say it this way, because this conversation is not being discussed much outside of urban areas. Which means most of the children attending these schools are children of color. 

Check out Roland’s link below and let us know how you feel about this subject by tweeting your comments @DSchoolsRock. #Voices4Ed #ChoiceIsOurs @brian_love2

Watch NewsOne Now Special: ‘Is School Choice The Black Choice?’


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