Don’t Not Vote

By Bernita Bradley


I very rarely endorse candidates or speak so freely about people’s political views. However, I am concerned by the decision to just not vote. Let me come clean, in the past I’ve missed a few votes, a few times. I was convinced that my vote did not count anyway.   

I’ve grown a lot since that time and I know I need to vote.  

 My best friend was eating a meal at my home one day and wanted it warmed. (STICK With me It all ties together). My microwave was broken and would not warm the food. To warm it up in the oven took too long so she decided to eat it. Her reply was that she will never come to my home again and eat room temp food. She called me a few weeks later and said she had something for me. She hands me this brochure folded with a receipt and warranty info in it and said, “My dad always said if you are not going to do anything to change a situation, you don’t have a right to complain about it”. It was a beautiful huge microwave. The kind I probably would not have brought myself. 

This weighs heavy on my heart and I can hear the complainers already if the wrong candidate gets elected. If you don’t do something, if you’ve chosen to sit this one out, it could be catastrophic. 

Whether you believe elections are a waist, are rigged or like me who really wanted another candidate to win. 

 This young man gets it.

 The reality is that the numbers are to close to play with the votes. 

Swaying the votes won’t help us either. It very well may take votes away from the candidates who would do a better job.

 Vote! Don’t just leave it in the hands of fate. (Okay, I will step on toes for sure here) Don’t have the “Im going to leave it in Gods hands mindset I had before as well”.

 Reminds me of a faith joke about the man who kept denying help from rescuers trying to save him and suddenly wakes up with God. He questions God about his ability to save him and God replies ” but I sent you two boats and a helicopter” 

 This however is No Joking Matter.  There are No definite answers. No spelled out answers. 

There are no perfect fits here. The debates have been a comedian’s gold mine. The history of the candidates has been troubling, but don’t let this happen. Don’t waste votes by trying to get other people’s names on the ballot, it won’t help. Don’t Not Vote! When you complain later, it won’t be justified. 


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