I am a Parent Who Chose to Keep My Child in Detroit Public Schools on Purpose

By Bernita Bradley

Let me start by saying that this blog is not intended to make anyone feel guilty. 

Some Detroit parents left on purpose. Some parents stayed on purpose. 

I am a parent who chose to keep my child in Detroit schools on purpose. 

With my first born, I drove across city borders and sent my son miles away by bus. I moved out of the city in hope that I would find major improvement in education for him.  I must admit that all of that effort only led to other challenges. And my son continued to fall behind. 

I’m finally down to one child that I have to get through school. As my youngest baby, I hope that she can get a great education within the city of Detroit.

Everyone does not want to run to the hills. Everyone can’t fathom leaving the community that bore them, that raised them and the community that taught them.  

The education process has become too complicated. Parents need to be IT and social media spoecialists to talk to their children’s school. Nowadays, I have to  explain in detail my daughter’s needs to every teacher, principal and superintendent I come across. I email teachers weekly and utilize all forms of technology to be on the same page with the people educating my child.  Somehow it stills becomes a challenge. Either you have teachers who are thankful or those who are very annoyed. 

You see my goal is to make sure both my child and her teachers are performing to the highest standards.

 Recently, a staff member used a derogatory statement about some of the student’s behavior at my daughter’s school. I reported it to the school’s administration. The response left me concerned. I was not satisfied with how the administrator responded to me or the fact that they did not resolve the issue.

This wasn’t just about my child, but every child that saw the bad behavior issue. 

Why should we have to cross borders to have staff who really enjoy what they do? Why should we cross borders to have parent groups that work in unity with school leaders who enjoy doing the work? Why?

I don’t think it’s fair! We should not have to cross over to another city to have support groups at schools that hold staff and students responsible for engaging in a positive learning atmosphere. If you don’t like educating our children or feel it’s such a challenge, you should be the one to leave the city.

You should go where you feel you can be more patient and effective with students. Let others who want to teach with passion for our youth stay in the inner city. You can catch bus for a 45 minute ride to work. You can go to another district. But this Detroiter is  staying in the city I love. Many Detroit parents have chosen to stay in Detroit. My child will be educated in Detroit and she will respect her educators and they will respect her. I’m that parent who will demand the same for all of our children. 

Let us know how you feel. Go to #DSchoolsRock and tweet. There are thousands of Detroiters who did not move out of the city. What do you think?

#Voices4Ed #ChoiseIsOurs

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