Please…..Somebody pray for our kids!

Today’s blog is from Derrick Anderson. He is an active parent organizer in the community. He has devoted his life to empowering parents and helping ask risk youth. It is not uncommon to find him in a meeting with a large group of single fathers. Educating them on the importance of being in their children’s lives. Or helping a kid in trouble. The following story is just one of us Detroit tales..

Okay, so I’m at the school, walking the halls when I come upon a class that is in an uproar. After further inspection, I see a young man, nose to nose with his teacher, giving him the business…. the words coming out of this young man’s mouth made me cringe!

So, here I am, once again, sticking my nose in it and sure enough, the young man’s anger is now directed at me. “Who the F is you!” and “Don’t say Sh*t to me! Or ” get the F outta my face!” and on and on. The verbal assault just kept coming. At this point, I’m trying to remain calm. But I’m slowly losing that battle. Because you have to understand, I Am A Man! So I say to him, “Son, I’m gonna need for you to bring it down.”

 “Son, I’m gonna need for you to take that bass out your voice and talk to me, so I can help you.”

Well the verbal assault kept coming, now I’m not sure what was said next, but the next thing I know, the situation escalates. I have a Homer and Bart Simpson moment. But what happened next is strange and unexpected. It caught me totally off guard! The kid started crying… Wow!

 It reminded me of the TV episode from Good Times when James Evans went to court to find out what would happen to a young gang member named Mad Dog. When he shot his son, JJ. And the kid started crying because he felt bad that his father wasn’t In his life to help him navigate through the pitfalls in his life. 

After realizing the pain this young man was in, I softened my position with him and embraced him with all my love and explained to him that he no longer has to go through life alone…. I’m With You! Please, somebody pray for our kids!

What do you think of this story? How can adults band together to help our children? We have to do it now! Jump into the conversation and be heard at @DSchoolsRock and Tweet your thoughts.  #Voices4Ed

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