It’s a New Day…How Will We Wake Up To It!

By Brian L. Love

Hello America, It’s a new day! How do you feel? 

I had to give myself a chance to download and process Tuesday’s election results, Nationally and Local. Everyone has remarked with passion, anger and fear. We are all afraid of the unknown. And we are afraid of all the rhetoric that has taken place in politics this year. 

Yes, we should be afraid, because this year’s election results had nothing to do with improving government, education, the economy or bringing its citizens together to fight the challenges of the day. It was decided by fear, anger, mistrust and hate. It has been infectious to this entire nation and we do not know how it will finally affect how we conduct ourselves as Americans. 

What we do know is that providing solutions to improve education for “all” of our children was not discussed over the last year by the candidates, political parties and policy makers. Another year has passed without comprehensive conversations to improve education in our nation. How to extend and support more successful charter schools in Boston, Atlanta and Chicago. While trying to improve struggling traditional and charter schools in Detroit. 

Another year has passed without creating support systems and better pay for successful teachers. No plans on how to improve the classroom for students who must compete in an unfriendly global market. And if our children are not prepared for it, they will suffer and we will all suffer for it. 

The next President of the United States will have an opportunity over the next four years to improve our nation’s education system and make education more accountable. To allow school choice for parents. This is a personal concern for me. My daughter is a freshman at Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn. With a new administration, I don’t want my (or any other parents) choice negatively affected. We have to have a plan to properly fund education and provide school districts with support and an opportunity to succeed. Will he use his bully pulpit to improve education or prepare for his next re-election? How will this administration affect my daughter’s education and world over the next four years as we prepare her for college. 

How do we change the narrative back to educating our children? It is time to for both parties to set aside their weapons of mass destruction (campaigns, social media, talking points, attack points, narrow agendas, etc. etc. etc.) and come together to have meaningful conversations and agree on a plan to improve education in our country. It is time for labor unions and ed reformers to work together. As a reformer, myself and others have been willing to come to the table to work on behalf of our children. I’ve been able to work with my labor brothers and sisters in Detroit. We can do this throughout Michigan and our nation. I know I’m being very optimistic. I have to be. I’m a father. How optimistic are you?

Believe it or not, I think today’s new reality is an opportunity to force the organizations of mass destruction (Democratic and Republican parties) to adjust and overhaul how they conduct their business. The Republican Party is less likely to do so, because they won all the marbles. For the Democratic Party, it is a must. Obviously, alot of Democrats didn’t come out to vote, because just like Republicans, they feel their issues are not being heard or represented. 

I’ve been saying this since the summer. Donald Trump has been the voice of the angry, the disaffected and the underepresented in hia party. Who will be the Democrat’s voice for the same unhappy folks. After this week, elections will never be the same again. How will we all respond to this new reality to improve eduation in our nation. It is a new day. How will we wake up to it?

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