The Election is Over. Where Do We Go From Here…

By Brian L. Love

I had to spend sometime thinking of the ramifications have how we got to last week’s election results and where do “we” go from here. Yes, I said we. Although, we are in a divided America, we are “all” still Americans. Even, you folks who don’t want me to be a citizen. You know the folks who want me to go back to Africa (that’s actually funny, because the one time I’ve been there was serving as a US Marine on my way to a deployment) or people who still love the Rebel flag. Which seems to me is still supporting treason.

So where do we go from here? I have to start at home. Until last Tuesday, my kids had never stayed up late at night to watch election results. But they are aware and concerned of a Trump presidency if he lives up to his rhetoric. The next morning, I woke up to their eyes of fear of the future and the unknown. I have to admit that this was extremely hard for me. It would be difficult for any father. As I drove them to school and campus, they scrolled thru their phones to Google houses for sale in Canada. I didn’t know they were knowledgeable about real estate. Who knew?

Then I read Peter Cunningham’s blog at And some of my other Education Post colleagues. Their words reminded me that this election was about two candidates who focused on themselves and bringing the people of the United States together. Finally, November 10th came along. The U.S. Marine Corps Birthday. Every Marine around the world celebrates the Corps with tradition and a lot of partying. I mean a lot of partying. What I enjoyed about it was the sharing of stories and history of men and women who have served our country. Our diverse nation has an equally diverse military of color. All of who are heroes. All deserve and have the rights of American citizens.

And as Americans, all of our children deserve a great education. Our history is full of stories of how our ancestors have obtained a great education and went on to do great things and make outstanding contributions to this nation. Someone once said, “ Great minds, make great decisions.” Not sure who said it. But if we don’t feed our children mind with knowledge, it will be filled with nonsense.

Where will we be then? A nation full of dummies that have the world’s strongest military with nothing to do, but fight each other out of fear!

So where do we go from here? We continue to fight to improve our education system. To make it great for all of our children. Where a kid who lives in Detroit, is getting the same education that a kid in Bloomfield Hills receives. That is how you make America great!! #Voices4Ed #ChoiceIsOurs

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