Do Not Clip Their Wings

By Bernita Bradley

What’s your niche, gift, passion or purpose? At what age did you figure it out?

How difficult was it for you to pursue your dream as an adult?

Think about that for a moment. Would you rather your children find that place of fulfillment at a young age or figure it out years later?  I am currently on a journey to help my children find their passion now. This feels different for me. I feel so strongly about it, that I would allow my children to be home schooled or have a teacher who travels with us. If it meant they would pursue their passion. 

My children love music; I am investing in it now. I invest afternoons sitting in hallways, while they go to vocal camps. Purchasing studio equipment and setting up space in my home for them to master their craft. I encourage them to write out plans and take action steps towards completing those plans. 

It’s actually becoming something awesome to do. 

 I’m sending them to auditions and interviews. I’m exposing them to places and people who can groom them for their future. That is my goal. 

I used to dismiss their desires as just dreams. I thought it was just a phase. Until I remembered how my Mom and Dad both had Opportunities to pursue their dreams. Instead, they chose not to follow “their” dreams. My Dad was offered $50,000 to play basketball in the 60s and Mom was offered a deal to sing with the Dramatics. Both of them pondered over their decision over the years. I’m sure they wished they could turn back time.

I do not want my children to have any regrets, fears or anxieties about chasing their dreams now. I don’t want them to wait until they are adults. 

It has helped my daughter stay focused in school. If her grades drop, she can’t have any studio time. She is working harder in school now. There are programs that cost little to nothing. Like

Michigan State School of Music, 

U of M camps, 


Downtown Boxing Gym, 

Say Detroit Play,

Racquet Up, 

Detroit Hispanic Coalition- Compass

Detroit Pal,

Matrix Center/ONA to mention a few. 

These programs prepare youth for success. A future that starts before they reach the age of looking back in time, as I’m doing now. 

I hope that you never stop your children from being adventurous or just being passionate about what they want to do. I hope you never deny them the opportunity to be ingenious and create things. I hope you allow them to patent ideas and host their own shows. I hope you allow them to hope. I hope you don’t clip their wings. 

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