Today’s Detroit Students Need New Leadership

By Brian L. Love

Next week the voters of the city of Detroit will decide many political races on November 8th, Election Day. To me, there is not one more important than the Detroit Public School Board election. 

There are over 60 candidates running for 7 seats. So there has been alot of voter frustration of who all of these people are and what do they bring to the table. Another fear is, do they have the leadership that is necessary to take the school district back to its hey day of being a successful school district for the city’s children. 

I must give full disclosure. I’m the campaign manager for the candidates who are running on The Freedom Team for Detroit’s Schoolchildren. These candidates are: Leslie Graham Andrews, Dr. Theresa Mattison, Dr. Karen White and Ryan Mack. I believe they are four great candidates who work to improve our schools conditions and make the district more fiscally sound. 

There several candidates who are not a part of my slate who are strong, sharp and have previous experience of working with challenging economic and educational issues. There are people like Sonya Mayes, Iris Taylor, Penny Bailer, Angelique Peterson-Mayberry and several other good Detroiters. 

Who does Detroit want to run their schools? Please read the following Free Press article on some of the candidates they support and why. What do you think about these candidates and what type of school board member do you want to see represent Detroit’s children? Let us know @DSchoolsRock #Voies4Ed #ChoiceIsOurs #Freepress


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