Remember…Who You Are!

By Bernita Bradley

Through all of the things that happen in our lives, we need to always be reminded and at times remind ourselves this year has been a rough one for people. Some harsh realities have shown us just how alive and well racism is still prevalent in our nation.  It has shown us the dark realities of violence in our own communities. This can make anyone hard and “unfeeling.” Today, I ask you to do one thing. No matter how long you have lived, what you have seen or been through, Remember who you were meant to be. The good side of you. You know that the bad stuff is usually taught or an aftermath of situations that happen. So remember the you that is the core of your beautiful heart during these difficult times in our nation. 

Just in case you lose yourself along the way.  

Don’t forget to smile more. 

Don’t forget to hug more. 

Don’t forget to laugh at jokes that are not funny. 

Don’t forget to check yourself before others do. 

Don’t forget to love harder than you’ve ever loved before. 

Don’t forget to share the wealth of knowledge that God is giving you. 

Don’t forget that others have feelings too. 

Remember you don’t know everything. 

 Remember it’s not about you. 

Remember who you are and who you represent. 

Don’t forget that God knows better than you. 

Remember that he made us to love, not hurt. 

Remember your children need you. 

Remember your mate needs you. 

Remember the purpose of your passion and your mission. 

Remind yourself along the way. (Use sticky notes, people, places, things, a touch , smells,  or even tie a string on your steering wheel, write letters and never opened or drive by the old landmarks ,………) 

Send yourself email reminders or text message yourself. 

If you remember to open the text,  let it  remind you and forward it to yourself again. 

But remember never forget to stay whom God made you to be.




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