Charter Schools and Diversity

By Brian L. Love

Erin Einhorn writes a compelling piece on one of the unknown complexities of Michigan’s charter school laws. Michigan law makes it difficult for charter school leaders to “create” a diverse school population at Detroit Prep. 

It has been proven that students perform better in diverse classrooms: black and white, rich and poor. Today’s charter laws make it difficult to accomplish this noble goal. The more kids learn of the differences in others, they will learn more about themselves and the world they really live in. And to accomplish this goal, you may have to cherry pick students. Which is not good. It does not make for a fair system.  But that is the problem with the charter system. I believe Detroit Prep is attempting to do right in an imperfect system. 

Read Erin’s Chalkbeat Detroit article, “Detroit Just Created Its First Intentionally Diverse…..”.

Detroit just created its first intentionally diverse charter school. Here’s why it might not stay that way

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