The Faces of the D. Meet the Warriors Who Fight For Our Kids

By Bernita Bradley

Who are the faces behind successful parenting and community leadership? And what are some our our stories?

 Often times, we’re looked at as if we have this all together. Our lives must be going perfect, after all we are in the community finding support for families, teachers, nonprofits and most importantly, improving educational outcomes for the youth.

 We seek to have answers and resources at hand to rebut any issues faced by those we serve. Most of us are here by accident, for lack of a better word, but in perfect timing.

 In the coming weeks, Detroit School Talk will highlight Faces of the D. People who are vigilant heroes for change.  People who are a part of our villages and who are fighting to make our children and communities whole. Most of them would never think of themselves as such, but the families they serve would fight tooth and nail if you said otherwise.

 We’re starting with Myesha Williams.

 Navigating education for her own eight children, Myesha has become a force to reckon with in the city. In her mind, the story of how she drives more than 90 minutes twice a day to get her children to five different schools is not the tale of a superhero. It’s simply what she and her husband were supposed to do.

 But no one finds schools in Detroit for eight young people and gets them there day-in, day-out, without becoming an expert on the city’s education landscape. We’re lucky, then, that Myesha brings this same dedication and her hard-won understanding to the community in her daily work and volunteer activity.

 Here’s a sample of the many ways in which Myesha has supported Detroit families:

*Enroll Detroit: As an ed advisor for this school navigation nonprofit, she has supported families through school closings.

 *Great Start Collaborative of Wayne County: Support staff collecting data for their new resource website for families.

*Detroit Parent Network: Parent Liaison, managing EAA parent empowerment centers and facilitating workshops.

*Americorps VISTA: Served two consecutive terms, building capacity for local nonprofits.

*Excellent Schools Detroit: Team Leader/School Reviewer for the ESD EL scorecard release in 2014 and 201.5

*Focus Hope: Parent leader, trained as parent and community leader to support FH outreach efforts.

*New Paradigm: Parent Leader, Local Schools and Community Organization committee member.

*482Forward: Parent rally in Lansing.

 What’s next for Myesha? She has joined the group of 44 Hope Starts Here Community Cafe facilitators and participated in The Art of Hosting training.

 Myesha never stops. She taught me a lesson four years ago when I first met her: To “finish what you start”–a phrase she is always reminding her children.

Her love and passion for her family has not wavered one bit as she makes it a point to have weekly date night with her husband Eddie, makes it to every basket ball/football game, PTA meeting and answers the call of being super community organizer at the drop of a hat.

Some say a mother’s work is never done. Well, this is one mom who is proof of it and loves doing the work.

So Tweet Myesha some love @DSchoolsRock. Let her know that parents do have power. #FacesoftheD #ParentPower #Voices4Ed



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