NAACP Task Force to Discuss Education Quality

By Brian L. Love

I’m glad to see my friends and allies at the NAACP are conducting a national task force to discuss education equality for people of color. The National Task Force for Quality Education will cover the following topics: 1) inadequate school funding 2) charter school accountability and 3) the impact on school funding for under funded school districts. All three of these target issues are very important. 

A number of the participants are major African-American players in the charter school world. This is important. In cities like Detroit, half of the kids who go to school attend charter schools. Their voices can’t be ignored. There first meeting is this Saturday, December 3 in New Haven, CT. It is a four hour meeting from 2 to 6 pm. 

I just wish this task force was created “before” the NAACP voted on a moratorium. A move which received applause from some, but jeers from the many charter parents who are engaged with their child’s school. 

Click and read the following link and share how you feel about charter schools and how all public schools are funded.

NAACP Task Force to Hold Hearing on Education Quality

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