Betsy DeVos: Skepticism & Hope

While we await the pending confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos’s nomination for Secretary of Education. There have been a lot of stories written about Mrs. DeVos’s history, motives and potential as our nation’s next education czar.

There is definitely a lot of skepticism of how she will approach leading our county’s public schools. Education Next’s Michael Q. McShane writes an interesting story on Mrs. DeVos. It’s interesting because it gives a short story of where she comes from for those who don’t know her history. With views of her pros and cons that are being heavily discussed across the nation. His piece says Betsy DeVos will be an advocate for accountability.

I hope to see that. Detroit suffers from a lack of accountability in our schools. The state of Michigan does not have strong accountability rules for charter schools. That is why the Detroit “market” is over-saturated with schools and there are thousands of empty classroom seats across the city of Detroit.

As the father of a child who attends a charter high school, I’m very happy that it is a great school with a strong curriculum. But most Detroit parents can’t say this.

Traditional public and charter school parents suffer from the same issue: Not enough great schools for their children to attend.

Please read Michael Q. McShane’s, Betsy DeVos: The (Relatively Mainstream) Reformer.

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