Michigan’s Education Issues Will Be Resolved in Michigan. Not Washington, D.C.

We all have spent a lot of time observing Betsy DeVos’s nomination hearings for secretary of education. And we should. But we must remember that most of the political weight and power that will affect change (whether good or bad) in Michigan is at the state level. Right here at home. 

With a Republican governor in his final term of office and the state House and Senate are strongly controlled by Republicans, there is a chance for them to complete their education agendas before the next gubernatorial campaign kicks in. Conservative analysts have mentioned that this legislature will be more conservative than last year’s legislative term. 

The MI State Superintendent of Education, Brian Whiston. Is working with various education, business and community groups who are focused on accountability and assessments for Michigan schools that everyone feels good will fit our diverse state. 

Please read Edtrust Midwest’s CEO, Amber Arellano’s article in Bridge Magazine. She discusses what to look for In Michigan. While we are all focused on the transitions in DC. Links: http://www.bridgemi.com/guest-commentary/education-proposals-year-could-further-harm-michigan-students

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