School Accountability and the Trump Administration

By Brian L. Love

Well……Happy New Year!! As we get closer to this January’s inauguration, it is time for everyone to deal with the fact that Donald Trump will be our president. I asked my kids to stop looking for a new home in Canada (my daughter found some nice ones). As a parent, I’m glad that they took it upon themselves to engage in politics and drew their own conclusions from the November elections. But I’m also sad. My children were visibly shaken (like many other families), because of the unknown and the volatility of the president-elect. That inspired them to go house hunting. 

It is time to put our energy toward improving the classroom for “all” America’s children. Will that be against or with President-elect Trump. That is up to him. His rhetoric and Secretary of Education nominee leave alot of us skeptical. Education Post’s CEO, Peter Cunningham writes a great blog, “Does School Accountability Matter to the Trump Administration.” He poses the question: Will this administration do what it takes to make all schools accountable. And will Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education fight to improve education for “all” our nation’s children. 

For the sake of my children who are not moving to Canada (because I’m staying to fight for “all” our kids) both questions need to be yes. Please read Peter’s story at the following link:

Let us know your thoughts @DSchoolsRock on Twitter. We look forward to working with you more in 2017. 

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