A Detroit Mother’s Plea to State Officials: My Daughter has a Disability. Don’t Close the School That’s Working for Her.

Kenya Tubbs is the parent of a brilliant student at Fisher Upper. She’s also one of countless Detroit parents who are likely to lack good alternatives if the state carries through on a plan to close 38 schools.

Tubbs would like the Lansing School Reform Office officials responsible for the decision to hear her and consider her child. These are the type of stories that matter most right now.

She writes:

Dear School Reform Office:

Those of you who know me and my kids know how far I will and have gone for my kids. My daughter’s school is one of the 38 Detroit Public Schools that may possibly close,

Here is a little bit of my daughter’s story if you do not know. My daughter is 12 years old and is cognitively impaired. She is in a special education class setting. Cognitive impairment is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating or making decisions that affect their everyday life.

My daughter is in a special education setting at Fisher Upper Magnet Academy. They have the best programs for my daughter. I chose this school over schools closer to me for its teachers and success with working with children with special needs.

This school has done wonders for my daughter’s self-esteem and social skills. They have worked hard with me to make sure my daughter is advancing and not falling behind at her level.

Taking this school away from my family and my daughter would be a great hardship and disturbance in our life.

She has friends and teachers who care about her academic success. Let’s come together as a community and see that this school does not close, as well as other DPS schools.

Our children’s future is important and fundamental to their success.

#Voices4Ed #SchoolClosures


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