Final Devos Vote for Education Secretary is Coming Up Next Week

I don’t think anyone has seen such a contentious confirmation hearing process before this year. At the top of the drama. Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. She cleared confirmation with the Senate Education Committee and she must now get a majority vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate. This vote is shaping up to be contentious as well. When the politics plays out next week, it is time to focus on education. This nation is at a point where we need a strong leader to improve conditions for “all” of our children in the classroom.

It does not surprise anyone that Democrats are totally against her. But it is interesting that there are a number of Republicans who struggle with supporting her confirmation. It looks like the vote has been held off until next week, so the President’s team can work legislators over the weekend to shore up their votes for final Senate vote. There will be visits and phone calls from the President and many of his top leadership team members to reach to identified and targeted Republican Senators who refuse to vote for Mrs. DeVos or they are still on the fence to support on a final vote.

Mrs. DeVos has a very good chance of receiving a passing vote in the Senate. If so, what is next? What are the next steps to hold this administration accountable to improve education across our nation. Obviously, I support school choice. But more importantly, I support great schools for “all” of our children. You will usually see me type the word “all” in parentheses, but it so important to understand that many of our nation’s school age students do not attend a good school. I’m talking about urban, suburban and rural schools in the United States of America.

What does that say about us, as Americans. We are the strongest nation in the world. But we do not do a great job of educating our children. Please read Crain Detroit’s Maria Danilova’s article, “Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Clears Senate Hurdle”. Link:

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