Keeping Kids Off the Streets and a Future in Their Pockets

A couple of days ago, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan with his support team and community leaders launched the new Youth Career Center. Its mission is to help solve the issue we always talk about, but do little to solve. Youth Employment and Training. This is not just an opportunity to make some money. But kids have an opportunity to improve their education or learn a skilled trade or learn how to be an adult in the workplace.

I can remember my summer jobs in high school. I’m not ashamed to say that if I didn’t have those jobs back then, I would have found some trouble to get into. My jobs taught me the importance of working well with others and I appreciated every dollar I earned. This is something we have not been teaching our youth as wide spread as we needed to have done in the past. Now the effort and work begins to train our youth to adapt to the new Detroit.

Please read the Michigan Chronicle’s story, “New Partnerships Help Connect Detroit Youth With Jobs and Training” at Then let us know how you feel on Facebook at Detroit School Talk or on Twitter @DetroitSchlTallk.

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