Natalie Fotias’s Thoughts on School Closures

The Skillman Foundation’s Natalie Fotias writes a great piece on the issue of the pending Detroit school closures. As a school choice advocate, some people assume I would support school closures. Far from it. Because I love my city. Closing a couple of dozen DPS schools would destabilize communities. Communities of parents that can’t take their children to charter or private schools because of their finances or transportation. This may force parents to move to other neighborhoods or cities.

It is not a coincidence that as Detroit’s school population has decreased, so has the city’s overall population. I am blessed and fortunate to be able to put my daughter in the school I want her to attend and live in the community I want to live in. Many of my family, friends and Detroiters can’t. It would not be fair to be put them in a position they are not prepared for. We cannot set people up to fail. One way or another, we will all pay for it later. Please read Natialie’s blog “Is Closing Schools a Fake Fix?” at

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