First Public Interview For The DPSCD Superintendent Position

Looks like the candidate has had a busy day according to Chalkbeats article.

A tour of a few city schools and in just over an hour Nikolai Vitti will interview in front of the public for the DPSCD Superintendent Position.

Our hope is that;

1: If he is selected to move forward as superintendent of the DPS Community District he will hold to any promise of commitment he will make this evening to those who attend.

2: He comes to the position ready to face the same, if not more opposing authorities Alycia Meriweather has faced from those who wish to dismantle our public schools.

3: That he himself does not wish to dismantle our public schools.

4: Come to this city with an open mind and willing to listen to the families impacted by the last few decades of failure.

5:  Enjoy your job and stay long enough to make a real needed impact.

The interview begins soon and Detroit,
You still have time to be there!


See Chalkbeat for more Detail

Ten things to know about Detroit superintendent candidate Nikolai Vitti


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