Is the Phoenix Legacy No More?

By Imani Harris

Let me start this article by saying that in no way do I agree with rating students on test scores. We are more than that, and our test scores do NOT represent our intelligence. There is a better way, and one day we’ll find it.

Still though, as a Renaissance student, dropping from the 98th percentile to the 48th percentile in such short time is a little…disheartening.

To see our hard work and tenacity go down the drain because of a change in test-taking style is disgusting.

To see that now we are seen as “lower than average,” because we didn’t test well in a NEW testing system is even worst. I have heard from many educators that data actually dips before rising when you change a system. Are we being mocked for not adjusting fast enough?

In 2014, Renaissance High School was in the 98th percentile and now, after changing two LARGE factors of our test taking–the kind of test we take, and the “gap” point system–we’ve moved to 48th.

Surprisingly though, Dick and Betsy DeVos’ charters, which were as low as in the 37th percentile, are now in the 82nd?

Something doesn’t quite add up. Are we doing worse and they doing better? Is everything stagnant? Is the data even really a reflection of our success? So many questions with absolutely no answers.

At this point, we don’t even know if we can trust the data. So much has changed in this system that nothing really makes sense anymore.

What I do know though, is that the lower our rating goes, the lower the esteem of the school will be. Renaissance is known as a prestige school, and has a great reputation among the city, as well as colleges all over the country.

Students walk around the school with pride. Alumni are proud Phoenixes who will always remember the high quality education Renaissance provided them with.

With this new ranking goes the pride the Phoenixes once had.

Yes, it’s very sad that students have to get their validation from test scores, but this is the world we live in.

Now though, even more sad than our test scores making or breaking us, is the suggestion that a school that’s been one of Detroit’s highest achievers for decades is still below average.

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