The Plot Gets Thinner as DPSCD School Superintendent Candidate Backs Out

One week after announcements and we are already one candidate shy in the running for Detroit Superintendent. The detroit school board has assured us that there will not be a 4th nomination: can Alycia take this third spot?

One candidate has ties to Detroit the other Dearborn, which is close but a far cry from Detroit Schools.
Our families are pleading for DPSCD not to go through another cycle of revamping, re planning and promises that may take for ever to initiate if at all. Alyicia has great ideas, why not support her in coaching and great staff who will back what is already in place?

If she was good enough for the interim position and her contract extended, why not give her all the support needed to make it a success? She has a great repor with families, staff and the community.
I say, give her a try!

Check out Chalkbeat Detroit’s article on this issue by Erin Einhorn at the following link:

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