Bernita Should Take Over Uber Detroit

My friend and colleague, Bernita Bradley has done it once again. She continues to show her love and passion for people. Especially, the people of Detroit. Whenever she sees injustice, she steps up to the plate and swings a bat at the problem. The pitch she is swinging at today is (excuse me, because it is the Detroit Tigers opening day game) is the slow bus service in our city. It has continually been documented by Detroit’s elected officials, community leaders and riders that Detroit’s transportation system struggles to accommodate our changing city. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has made strides to improve these conditions, but I’m sure he knows and continues to work on this issue. So, until the problem is fixed. Bernita will continue to do the following…..

Bernita Bradley noticed a group of students and a mother waiting for a bus this morning after she dropped her own daughter off at Detroit Edison Public School Academy, a charter school. Bradley, director of community outreach and engagement for Enroll Detroit, who also writes a blog about being a parent in the city, said she had heard about the bus delays in the district and became concerned when she noticed a man who appeared to be watching them across the street.

With no school bus in sight, and the children’s parent present, she stopped her car and offered to give them a ride to their school – Marcus Garvey Academy. They accepted. Below is Lori Higgins’ Detroit Free Press article on Bernita’s work for the people.

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