Dan Gilbert Agrees: We Need a Revival of Our Public Schools

I think this is the first time in decades that just about everyone in Detroit is on the same page about education.

And so, Detroit School Board, will you listen to the people or not? We have made plea after plea to you to give Alycia Meriweather an opportunity to stay the course.

And now Dan Gilbert, Detroit’s billion-dollar investor, has jumped on the bandwagon. Gilbert rarely speaks about our city’s education system. But you better believe strong schools are a part of this city’s revitalization plan.

Gilbert has tweeted his thoughts at @cavsdan

Do you think that investing billions of dollars in a city without a sound public school system is beneficial to families who plan to move here? No it is not.
It would be a sure way of compelling people to move out quicker then they arrive.

The lack of a strong school system is not good for business, not good for budgets and actually, as much as I may not want to agree with all the changes in our city, this is one moment where I agree with those gentrifiers—I mean, urban planners.

We want some form of stability—and not at the cost of our children losing more time. Time that we don’t have to play with their education. If this means pushing for change with some folks we may not see eye to eye, well then so be it.

We need to see consistency. But instead, the school board’s plan for changing now would mean new plans, starting from a blank slate, tossing out new ideas when what we actually need is to stick to some of the current ones.

The people, both old and new, are speaking in one voice: “GIVE ALYCIA MERIWEATHER A CHANCE!”

I personally would say that there are no better candidates. She has formed a bond and established a plan. I don’t think its time to start from scratch but time to stay the course.

Now back to Dan: Thank you for agreeing with us. I will ask that as we continue this fight, you stand with us to make sure accountability is here for our schools and quality transportation for families.

We can save that conversation for another day, I just wanted to throw it out there while we all are agreeing.
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Bernita B.
(Doing the work)


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