Detroit School For Digital Technology…..Can We Prepare Our Kids For the Next Century?

By Terrence M. Hicks, M.A.

Terrence is a professional advocate. And his main client is the students of the city of Detroit. Please read Terrence’s thoughts and position on improving technical skills for our children in a very competitive world. Our kids are literally competing against kids from across the globe. Terrance shares the following with you…..

As has been noted in numerous news outlets and publications, there is a deep skills chasm with residents in Detroit, particularly in areas where technical skills are needed to secure good paying jobs. With the advent of a number of technology-based businesses looking to relocate to Detroit combined with some of our more deep-pocketed entrepreneurs looking to transform our city into the Midwest’s Silicon Valley, its paramount that we train our residents to be prepared to adequately compete for those jobs. Google, Rapid Fiber, Lyft and the autonomous vehicle movement, all need to hire tech-savvy people. Where will they come from and who will train them??

I sincerely believe that I have a solution for some of those ills. The recently opened Detroit School for Digital Technology (DSDT) has a varied curriculum that addresses a great deal of those deficiencies. The DSDT curriculum offers courses in cybersecurity, drone technology, digital media, visual effects and others. As an agent for DSDT, I am personally encouraged by what we have to offer and thus, I encourage all of you to pass on the word and see what DSDT is offering.
In fact, we are hosting an Open House on Monday, April 10th, 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Please consider attending and pass the following link on to others who may see the value to attend:


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