Where does Hope Start? Hope Starts Here in Detroit April 27, 2017!


Hope Starts Here in collaboration with over 200 community partners and most importantly parents and caregivers,  will host its first annual Day Of The Young Child Campaign.

Listening sessions will be held in every neighborhood and its going to be big.
Locations are listed on the website hopestartsheredetroit.org.
Conversations will take place in the cities Main Library, local businesses, in schools, on lunch breaks, in churches and at dining room tables.

What will we be talking about?

The future of our most youngest learners and how we see early learning changing to benefit those families of children ages 0-8 years old.
What and how we want to change the way those early learners are impacted is the focus.

 “Hope Starts With Us”

Its simple, no fancy answers or philosophical questions. It’s all about Hope!
What do you Hope for earliest learners future?
What do you Hope happens for the children you love?
What gives you Hope for a brighter day for our city?

And, one of the simplest solutions to change will be asked, “If you had $100 in one week to make an impact, what would you do with it?”
One grandmother responded in a listening session: “I would buy a bullhorn and go door to door telling people about The Day of the Young Child and that we have to talk. We have to be heard and make changes. Hope Starts With Us”

The spirit of Hope is here, it’s energy is reviving Hope in those who once thought no one cared.
Well guess what?
Hope starts with us and you can add your voice on April 27th and moving forward. Cause this is just the beginning of Hope Starting Here.

To sign up for a conversation visit


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