More Than Just Athletes Can Benefit From Sport Psychology

By Lindsay Huddleston

As a sport psychology consultant I spend a lot of my time helping others perform better. While catching up with my friend of many years Brian Love at his daughters AAU tournament in mid-Michigan, we began to talk of our past years of work together in education reform, government relations and being parents. Brian and I shared many stories of our work together and we talked about what we can do to ensure the quality of life of our children and future generations as well. Brian and I specifically discussed what we believed some of the needs of the Detroit Community schools students.


I told Brian how my work in sport psychology not only includes helping athletes, but at-risk and mainstream students in both urban and suburban school districts. One overwhelming similarity I continue to observe that is common in elite level and amateur sports, corporate America and education is fear of failure. Fear of failure is looked at as the avoidance of failure that’s associated with shame or some type of judgment. Studies have also shown that fear of failure affects an individual’s performance, interpersonal behavior and can even lead to anxiety.


I have continued to research how to effectively overcome fear of failure through my consulting work with as a national speaker with USA Basketball Youth Development, along with a clientele that includes recent college graduates trying to find their way, individuals who are looking for a career change. My message resonates with players, referees and teams as well.


I told Brian that my goal is to share the Huddleston Solutions 12 Roles of Flow to a million plus people. The rules include focusing on goal setting, imagery, mental rehearsal, positive self-talk, maintaining proper motivation, breathing relaxation techniques, concentration, emotional control, confidence, forming health habits, getting quality sleep, and striving under pressure. We must be reminded that regardless of who our educational leaders are, we must aid our students overcoming a fear of failure and anxiety as well as promoting motivation, achievement good behavior with a goal of them living a life in positive flow. @HSolutions1 #Voices4ED #usabasketball #kidsmatterhere


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