A New Day at Detroit Public Schools……We Need New Results For Our Kids.

As you all know, the Detroit Public School Community District (DPSCD) board unanimously voted to hire Dr. Nikolai Vitti as the district’s new superintendent.

It was a unanimous vote, but a large diverse segment of Detroit wanted the interim superintendent, Alycia Meriweather, to at least be given the chance to interview for the job. 

Alycia came onboard at a time when there was a lot of fear, anger and uncertainty with Detroit schools. She brought quiet and hope to a loud classroom.

She was supported by leaders and advocates from labor unions, business, non-profit organizations and community organizations.

Detroit power players like Dan Gilbert of Rock Ventures/Quicken Loans weighed in on his support for the interim superintendent on Twitter as my colleague Bernita Bradley blogged earlier this week.

It shows that our city’s investors and business leaders understand that improving education in Detroit will sustain the city’s comeback.

Mr. Gilbert is leading the pack of Detroit business leaders who are investing and promoting the city and our children.

Two years ago, Tonya Allen of the Skillman Foundation began reaching out to a diverse group of Detroit area leaders to discuss what can be done about Detroit’s education problems.

From those conversations came the development of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren.

A diverse group of political, business, community and education leaders who came together to debate and figure out how to work together to improve Detroit’s education situation.

This is the first time in recent memory that such a diverse group of leaders have come together in the Greater Detroit Area.

As the coalition continues their work together, Detroit will benefit from the development of trust and relationships between individuals and groups that wasn’t there before. We applaud Tonya’s initiative and the coalition’s work.

Now we have a newly elected school board who’ve picked DPSCD’s next superintendent. To improve education in our city, the board and Dr. Vitti will have to incorporate and develop a good working relationship with all of the players I’ve discussed in this blog. Gotta do it.

I hope Dr. Vitti is successful. He is not just the hope of the newly elected school board. He is the hope of the parents and supporters of the 45,000 DPSCD students in the city.

I truly want him to succeed. Not for me. For those 45,000 Detroit kids in his schools—which include two dozen young men I mentor in Detroit.

We can only go up. We can’t afford to go any further down. It is going to take a team effort from our leaders. Leaders like Tonya Allen, Dan Gilbert, Hiram Jackson, Rev. Wendell Anthony, Clark Durant, David Hecker, John Rakolta, Jr., Angela Reyes and the many, many leaders and parents that make up our community.

Dr. Vitti is now a part of that community. We hope you succeed, because that means our kids succeed.

Let us know what you think of the new DPSCD superintendent. What you think of the District’s chance of improving? #DPSCD #kidsmatterhere #RockVenturesC2 #dancav #skillmanfound


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