“They should all be empowered to make those types of choices for their kids.”

By Brian L. Love and Bernita Bradley

That is a quote from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Has her rhetoric from her days with the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) changed since becoming the nation’s education czar? I’ve supported school choice for a number of years. I live it today. My youngest child attends a charter high school. Because we understand our choices. A number of Detroit parents don’t have that opportunity. A lot of folks from around the state and the nation have spent a lot of time and money telling Detroiters what is best for them and their children’s education.

Most recently, DeVos said that she “supports” communities having the power to make their own decisions. But before she became secretary of education she advocated against some of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren’s (CFDS) efforts to bring Detroit’s education community in sync with each other.

Detroit School Talk’s Bernita Bradley shares the following: How does choice help families in Detroit when the choice we have is tainted with schools that still get to open, fail and close at the drop of a hat?

Betsy DeVos’s recent agreement to support local control in Detroit is a far cry from what her lovechild GLEP would really like families to see.

They hide behind fairy tales of families sleeping easy at night because their charter schools are perfect and the students excel in their academics.

The reality is that the evil step mom and rotten apple is wearing off and Sleeping Beauty (parents and local leaders) are waking up and ready to fight back.

Bernita gives us the voice of a parent and community organizer who spends every waking moment empowering parents to empower their children thru education. I will assume this change in DeVos’s stance is because the diversity of the coalition came together and showed that Detroiters are ready to lead their fights and tell their stories. Time will tell.

Read WWMT.COM Nick Minock’s one on one interview with Secretary of Education Betsy Devos at http://wwmt.com/news/local/one-on-one-with-secretary-of-education-betsy-devos.

Let us know what you think of her work as the Trump administration just celebrated 100 days in office. What do you think she should focus on? #KidsMatterHere #Edu_Post #BetsyDevos


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