Children, Detroit’s Hottest Commodity!


If you have a child in the city of Detroit or anywhere for that matter, you have the hottest commodity out there.


Schools need them.


Afterschool programs need them.


Child care Centers need them. 


Social service organizations and nonprofits need them.


It’s all about numbers: how many kids can we get enrolled, signed up or through intake? Without our children they all fail to meet deadlines and goals. 


That being said, I want parents and caregivers to know that your children should not be wooed by just any recruiters. Too many of our families have been wooed and failed too many times. The onus is on the programs that need our children to prove that they will do right by them. To prove that they won’t be in situations that are not conducive to growth. 


Think of it this way: If a football coach needs enough children to field a team but only has plans to play his few star players, would you want your child to be one of the team’s benchwarmers?


Or your child has a desire to play an instrument. You put them in a music school but only a few students have instructors who are equipped with instruments. Would you want them to stay?


My children are the most precious gifts I have been graced with. I don’t have time to have her or him just to fill a seat, or help you look good. My plan for my child’s life is intentional. They need clearly defined outcomes so that their success is what matter most. 


Before you let anyone add your child to their numbers, take the time you need to make sure you’re getting what your child needs. 



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