Now Enrolling! Parents Are Asking: Which Schools Have Seats Available?


Schools let out for summer vacation in a week. While many parents are planning for family fun trips and summer camps for the kids, there are hundreds who still need to know which schools have seats available for the 2017-2018 school year?


In an attempt to make what seems to be a scavenger hunt a little less mysterious, I thought I would ask a few schools to send me a list of available seats for those families. 


By no means is this an attempt to promote any schools. This list is inspired by inquiries I have had from parents within the past week. 


I hope this helps families. If you would like to know about particular schools and districts let me know–I will work on getting their numbers also. 


I still hold fast to my advice for all parents: Learn what a school offers and what you need to do to apply, and visit. Make sure it’s the best fit for your child. Know your rights and show up on the first day. If you are not planning on your child attending a school that admitted him or her, inform the school so they can allow another child to occupy that seat. 


And finally–don’t wait to enroll! 


In alphabetical order:


Corner Stone Schools:


  1. Jefferson Douglass Academy (K-8, Van Dyke & Nevada); full except for a handful of spaces in first, second and third grades.
  2. Lincoln-King Academy (K-8, Schaefer & McNichols); single-digit availability in all grades.
  3. Madison-Carver Academy (K-8, Lahser & Pembrook); single-digit availability at all grade levels.
  4. Washington-Parks Academy (K-8, Telegraph & Plymouth); 17 kindergarten spots and single digit availability in all other grades.
  5. Health & Technology High School (Southfield Fwy. & Outer Drive); waiting list for ninth grade and single digit availability in 10th-12th grades.



DPSCD Montesssori:


There are 132 Pre-K through third-grade slots at six DPSCD locations for the 2017-2018 school year. Parents should apply by email to [email protected].

Once an email indicating interest is received, an enrollment packet will be mailed out. Applications may also be retrieved at


American Promos Schools:



  1. Jalen Rose can take new ninth-graders and 10 students each in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. 


  1. Voyageur can take 30 new kindergarten students, 10 each for grades 1-8, lots of ninth graders, and 10 each for the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. 


  1. MacDowell can take 60 kindergarten students and 10 each for grades 1 – 8. 



Schools Outside of Detroit


Southfield Public Schools District:


Across all schools, the district estimates the following seats to be available:


Kindergarten: 43 Seats

First Grade: 19 Seats

Second Grade: 45 Seats

Third Grade: 63 Seats

Fourth Grade: 20 Seats

Fifth Grade: Limited Seats may become available

Sixth Grade 23 Seats

Seventh Grade: 43 Seats

Eighth Grade: 41 Seats


At Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology, general enrollment occurs for residents of the district. Note that the number of seats at each school will vary. Note also that the residency requirement remains in place and that schools of choice window will open in August of 2017.


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