Run to the Fire!! We Must Solve Our Education Problems, Not Just Talk Around It.


Spending this week in Chicago at EdPost’s Bloggers Summit has been great for me. Hearing the thoughts of my colleauges from across the nation has been liberating. What has stuck out for me is our conversations around all the different issues with reforming education. There are advocates against accountability, pension reform and just about anything else that would improve schools across our nation.

A lot of adults are focused on adult issues. We find all kinds of other things to focus on when it comes to ed reform, except the reform itself. At some point we have to solve the problem with education in our schools.

It’s like a house fire that started out small and no paid any attention to it. And because of the neglect, it began to grow and burn every room in the house. Eventually, it would become a raging fire that would totally consume the home and destroy a family and their dreams.

The house burned down because no one ran to the fire to put it out. Until this nation decides to treat our education crisis as a fire. All of our dreams for our children will burn down. We have to be those brave firefighters who would’ve saved that home. We have to save our dreams for our children to get a great education. We have to run to the fire! If we don’t, who will put it out.

The fire that is our education crisis will engulf us all. We have to change it for the better. We have to run to the fire!

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