Taylor Academy Leaves Parents, Students and Educators in the Dark

My friend and colleague, Bernita Bradley blogged about a major concern this week. She spoke about the unexpected closing of Taylor Academy in Southfield, Michigan this week. She did a very good job describing the pain and the shock of the parents, kids and educators who had no idea this was coming. This was totally disrespectful and sad for families who trusted the school to inform them and educate their children.

Although Taylor Academy was a charter school, I don’t want to make this about charter versus traditional public schools. Because both entities have issues with closures or the threat of closures in Detroit over the last year. This disconnect between these two entities is driving parents to place their children in suburban school districts when they are able. This means less education and tax dollars in the city of Detroit. At some point, entities will want to learn how to collaborate and work together.

Please view Shawn Ley’s video story for ClickonDetroit on WDIV Channel 4 News: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/parents-students-upset-after-southfield-school-closes-without-warning.

Let us know what you think we should do to not let this happen again.

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